Extras for admins


As an Amplemarket admin, there are a few extra settings you can leverage to track your team’s usage and success.

In the ‘User’s page, you can change permissions and set and monitor credit usage.

You also have visibility over the reporting stats for all of your users--and you can even break them down into teams for better success metrics!

Lastly, admins have the ability to send sequences on behalf of their users. To do this, make sure you are using a shared customer profile, and shared sequence template. Once all three of these pieces align (so, 1) admin, 2) share profile, 3) share template), you’ll ‘unlock’ your users’ mailboxes and be able to schedule sequences on their behalf. This is a really useful workflow for teams prepping sequences for their managers, as well as consultants! 

  • Does every Amplemarket user have the same permissions? No, there are extras for admins or anyone in a manger role who would like visibility over their team's efforts.