Email warmup


We are super passionate about email warmup at Amplemarket.

What does it really mean to ‘warm up’ your domain or mailbox? It can look like a few things: a safe way to build a good reputation for a new domain, an effortless way to maintain good domain health, or it can even be damage control when your open rates take a hit and you need to build things back up.

So, what exactly does it do? Email warm up automatically starts and replies to multiple threads on your behalf each week, giving your domain a chance to even out its sent-received ratio alongside your sales campaigns.

These automated, one-on-one email conversations interact with other mailboxes in our warmup network and everybody wins. This begs the question, isn’t it annoying to have a bunch of random, meaningless emails coming into my inbox each week? It sure would be, but you can set up a filter for these to be marked as read and important without ever having to see them.

Enable email warm-up with one click via your account settings. If you want the warm-up feature but it’s not part of your current plan, reach out to

  • Are email warmup and email delivery optimization the same thing? Yes, they are.
  • I turned on email warmup but nothing has happened. How do I know it's working? The warmup network starts new threads with newly added mailboxes on Monday morning. Wait for Monday and you'll start to see messages coming in and going out.