LinkedIn settings


A big part of creating truly multi-channel sequences is adding LinkedIn steps such as sending connection requests, messages, or even just visiting profiles. In order to do all of this and more, connect your LinkedIn to Amplemarket and import your network in your account settings.

This allows you to do two big things: access your first connections as a filter in the searcher, AND use Amplemarket to detect when a lead replies to you via LinkedIn.

More importantly, you can set your daily LinkedIn activity limits according to your account type. Remember how I said we are super passionate about email warmup and domain health? This is similar--LinkedIn is awesome and powerful, but we can overdo it and cause problems for ourselves.

Try our recommended values based on your account type to keep everything running smoothly. Remember to save your selections!

  • Why does it matter that I connect my LinkedIn to Amplemarket? It allows you to Amplemarket to import your connections, detect if a lead replies to a LinkedIn message, and helps you keep your LinkedIn actions at a safe volume to ensure your account isn't blocked.