Safety settings


Any Amplemarket user that has admin access will find an additional User Preferences page called ‘Safety settings’ that allows you to customize the maximum amount of leads you can add to a sequence, as well as the threshold for your ‘recently contacted’ exclusion list.

The defaults for these will be 500 and 3 months, respectively. As a team, we find 500 leads for a sequence to be a best practice maximum, and 3 months to be a safe threshold for our ABM approach. After that, we try to change up our content, do A/B testing, and take care of our domain by making sure we aren’t pushing the same messaging with a large volume of sending. It improves our writing skills and our email deliverability You can lower or raise this limit, or try our best practice recommendations and see how it works for you!

  • What is the maximum amount of leads that can be added to a sequence? 500 is the default, but you can raise or lower this amount via the Safety Settings page.
  • How long does Amplemarket exclude leads who've recently been added to sequences? 3 months is the default, but you case raise or lower this length via the Safety Settings page.