Exclusion list


You likely have a list of people or companies that you DON’T want to contact in your outbound process. Maybe it’s current customers, opportunities, or people who’ve explicitly told you they want to be excluded from your process.

You can configure this list within Amplemarket to make sure these same people are excluded from all sequences. Upload a list via CSV, or just copy and paste emails or domains into the box.

If you ever want to override this list when sending a sequence, you can do so. Unfurl the advanced settings, and you can uncheck the automatically checked exclusion list box. It’s possible to sync your exclusion list with one of our native CRM integrations--if you’d like to learn how to do this, head to the knowledge base article on integrating with your specific CRM.

  • Does Amplemarket allow for me to take an exclusion list into account when sending sequences? You bet!
  • How do I access my exclusion list? You'll find it when hovering over the gear-looking Account Settings tab on the left side of the dash.