Types of LinkedIn prospecting exports


When you export leads in bulk from LinkedIn using the Amplemarket extension, there are two types of data exports you will experience: page scroll exports, and unending scroll exports.

This isn’t an official term for them, but it’s a way that helps me distinguish where I’ll be filtering down my results before exporting them. While this difference doesn’t matter in the end (both pagination types ultimately let you bring leads into Amplemarket), it does alter your strategy for finding the right leads to export for your ICP. Let’s take a look at an example of each so you can see what I mean.

So, if you’re exporting leads from a post or exporting members of group, here’s what you’ll see. Amplemarket will fetch the leads and you’ll see them all in a scrollable list within the extension. You can click ‘more’ to filter them down by title, as well as remove contacts in your exclusion list. Once you’ve got your list filtered down, you can add the leads to a customer profile. Now let’s take a look at the page-by-page filtering.

In the case of an ABM approach or account-based selling strategy in prospecting, we might be extracting a list of company employees. In this instance, as well as extracting attendees of a LinkedIn event, you open the Amplemarket extension and it looks a bit different. LinkedIn provides this contact list page by page, with 10 leads per page. So, Amplemarket mirrors this formatting for your export.

We don’t add automatic pagination as a safeguard to protect your LinkedIn account. Instead, we recommend you filter down your list on LinkedIn before extracting the leads page by page. For example, if I open the Salesforce company page and want to extract employees, I have a massive number of results. This would take forever to add page by page. So let’s scroll down and filter by title and see what we get. Remember your search operators! We have another vide for this if you need a refresher, linked in the transcript. I’m going to narrow my search to ‘Head AND sales, and exclude marketing by typing NOT marketing. This narrows our search way way down, and we now have a manageable, more qualified set of leads. From here, I’ll add these leads to a customer profile page by page but it’s pretty quick.

There you have it! This is how you alter your strategy for prospecting based on the type of pagination or scroll on LinkedIn. 

Link to Search Operator refresher

  • What are the two types of export pagination on LinkedIn? Most exports are structured as an endless scroll, or page-by-page export.